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Author, Motivational Speaker, Confidence Coach

Meet Jas Dosanjh

There isn't much that Jas hasn't seen or experienced when it comes to family life and relationships. Born and raised in the West Midlands in the 1980s with her five sisters, Jas rebelled from a young age against male dominance and patriarchy both within her own family and with outsiders. Following a forced marriage, Jas began to write her no-holds barred book series, Life Out Of Reach. The series has been written without fear or hesitation, providing a window into the depths of depravity and male supremacy that exists not just within wider society but also inside the Sikh Punjab culture and religion.

Jas Dosanjh
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Hire Jas as a Speaker

An entrepreneur who has been listed in Who's Who of Britain's Business Elite, Jas throws a spotlight on the problems facing girls and women. She has the ability to capture and hold the attention of any audience with her unforgettable and shocking true stories of loss and triumph. Her three most popular and in demand talks are: Mistakes Women Make, When Women Step Aside and The Indian Bride aka The Modern Slave.


Jas was one of my speakers at the ‘Influential Business Women’ event in 2019. She was
amazing and gave a speech that was both enlightening and empowering. Her approach for the day was both professional and pleasant.

Ritu Sharma, Personal Development Facilitator


Jas's Book

One of six girls born to immigrants who moved from India to Wolverhampton, Jas Dosanjh tells a no-holds-barred, raw and harrowing first-hand account of growing up in a harsh, oppressive and male-dominated Sikh Punjabi family. In conversations with her therapist, Jas describes her grandfather’s way of dealing with unwanted daughters.

“My grandfather had eight children. Well, he had more, but he’d disposed of some of ‘em in India as soon as they’d been born.”


“Yeah, you know…strangled, drowned, suffocated.”

Living in modern Britain, but with no intention of integrating into English culture, the men in Jas’s family brought with them brutal beliefs that continued to control and oppress their wives, sisters and daughters. This captivating memoir describes the fascinating journey a young Jas makes into her teenage years. It will grip you from its very first page, enraging and shocking you at the injustice and blatant inequality.


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