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Living in Surrey, England Jas is the second eldest daughter of Sikh Punjabi immigrants. An avid reader as a child, Jas's life was restricted and oppressed, but her books provided a valuable window into different worlds outside her strict home life. Born and raised in the West Midlands in the 1980s, along with her five sisters, Jas learnt early on that as a girl she was a burden to her parents. raised in a culture which disposes of girls either at birth or through arranged or forced marriage, Jas had dreams of becoming a journalist and working on Fleet Street.

At the age of sixteen, a shock discovery derailed her lifelong dreams. Thrown into an abusive, backward and oppressive existence by her parents, Jas experienced poverty, sexual abuse, was banned from talking to boys and Muslims and faced bullying, a forced marriage and infidelity along with violence and attempted rape from a family member. Through all of this Jas has survived trauma and distress, constantly fighting against the male dominance and patriarchy both within her own family and with outsiders.

There isn't much that Jas hasn't seen or experienced when it comes to family life and relationships.  An entrepreneur who has been listed in Who's Who of Britain's Business Elite, Jas is now using her skills as a writer to throw a spotlight on the problems and issues facing young Sikh Punjabi girls and women.  She wrote the book series Life Out Of Reach determined to expose the truth behind Sikh Punjabis living in the UK.  Her no-holds barred memoirs have been written without fear or hesitation, providing a window into the depths of depravity and male supremacy that exist within the Sikh Punjab culture and religion which control and dominate the lives of their daughters, nieces, sisters, wives and daughter-in-laws.  The first book of the series Spare Burden was published in December 2017, described by readers as 'mind-blowing' it has received a Readers Favorite 5* review. The second book of the series, Not The Property Of will be available in late 2018.



“Jas has done such a phenomenal job plumbing the depths and difficulty of growing up as a girl in a society that so blatantly privileges males.  Between the good times and the bad, by the end of the memoir the reader is going to have a really full picture of her family in all of its messiness and hypocrisy, but also its tight-knit intimacy.” 

William Boggess
NY Book Editors

“There are so many parts in this book that I was screaming and was frustrated with, due to the fact of being a women in an Indian household. Some families these days are strict and still stick in "their ways" or some are now modernised. But Jas's book brought an insight of what it really is like being a girl and how much we have to do and say just for the sake of our parents- let alone boys can get away with murder! Very, very good read and you will not be disappointed! Hoping she will release another book!"


Amazon Customer

“I would love this book to be on the prescribed list for all children in Britain and also for their parents. This book blows the lid off Indian culture and customs. It highlights the brutal oppression the men have over their women, down to the last detail. It shows how the family members spy on their female children if they so much as talk to a member of the opposite sex, due to the desperate fear their girls will not remain pure for marriage. Their stranglehold is far worse than I ever even suspected. I had no idea how much animosity there is between different Indian castes and religions, Sikhs and Muslims and their refusal to integrate into other cultures in their new country. Jas plans a very different future for herself, free of the claustrophobic age-old practices she sees as pointless, most of which reinforce the total domination of men in Indian society. The extent to which the selfishness and self-obsession of the males in families about how their children might shame and embarrass them overrides any parental love and care, and is astounding. This book blew me away, opened my eyes and left me reeling. I can’t wait for the next one to come out.”

Lucinda E Clarke
Readers' Favorite

“Bought for me by my husband on recommendation, and despite it being New Year’s day and being a busy mum of two - I could not put it down!”

Amarjot Butcher

Amazon Customer

“Fascinating account of what life was like for children of Punjabi immigrants in the 70’s and 80’s; hard. Prejudice and bullying from the wider society and control and repression at home. Even for boys, parents had absolute control. The author is fair by differentiating between the egalitarian sikh principles and the more backward Punjabi culture.” 

Gaz Singh
Amazon Customer

“A courageous insight into Jas’s culture. Reminds me of ‘memoirs of a geisha’.” 

Nicci Stickland

Amazon Customer

“Spare Burden is unlike any book I have ever read...and the end is absolutely stunning.  Author Jas Dosanjh blows the lid off a repressive culture that shames women and rips their dreams away and in stark detail she opens the worlds eyes to it. This book will astonish you.”

Casey Demchak
Copywriting Expert

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5th November 2018



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